Railroad Products Department Overview

Nabtesco Service provides support of safe and comfortable

railroad transportation by direct application of

high-level manufacturing technology.

Since its manufacture of the first air brakes for railroad vehicles in Japan, Nabtesco has achieved a major a share of the market for railroad vehicle devices. Hand in hand with the Railroad Products Company of Nabtesco, Nabtesco Service is engaged in maintenance and supply of service parts for the Shinkansen bullet trains, commuter trains, new transportation systems and track maintenance vehicles, etc.

Nabtesco Service Railroad Products Department provides maintenance services from its "Techno Centers" based in Yokohama and Kobe. These Techno Centers are specialized factories staffed by personnel fully familiar with every aspect of railroad vehicles and provide a comprehensive line-up of maintenance services based on know-how that spans the entire range from outdated technology to latest in cutting-edge technology direct from manufacturers. Through its undertaking in these business domains, Nabtesco Service is committed to making positive contributions to the safety and comfort of railroad transportation.