Main Product Line

Railroad Vehicle Products

Air Compressor

This generates compressed air for braking. Various kinds are available, depending on its discharge rate.

Dehumidifier Device

This removes moisture in compressed air in order to prevent corrosion of all kinds of devices and piping systems as well as to decrease possible malfunction and to extend operating life.

Brake Operating Unit

This is embedded with a microcomputer-aided brake operating device that has the function of cooperation with electric brake, of pressure control and monitor of brake cylinder, and of gliding detection and operation.

Brake Controller

This is equipped with a steering wheel for a vehicle operator to give a command for an appropriate brake force. A braking control valve exercises direct control over air pipes while a brake controller is used for an electric command.

E/EF Control Valve

This is a three-pressure type of diaphragm-style control valve intended for the connection with a triple valve type K. This is the newest type of control valve, requiring no special skills (ground joints) at the time of maintenance.

TBU (Tread Brake Unit)

This unit incorporates the functions of brake cylinder, caliper mechanism and shoe head that are necessary for brake transmitting system. Automatic spacing device is additionally built into this unit.

Brake Shoe

This is a synthetic brake shoe with excellence in attrition characteristics and abrasion-resistance. Its qualities of low/high friction coefficient, low/high adhesion, and snow endurance allow it to be used flexibly.

Antiskid Brake System

This detects vehicle's gliding by signals from speed sensors attached to axle parts in order to prevent flat axles completely.

Air-driven Door Operator

This is an automatic door engine equipment with air-driven system that is highly reliable as a side-door operator.

Electric-driven Door Operator

This is intended to be a maintenance-free automatic door engine equipment with electric-driven system that is highly reliable as a side-door operator.