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Nabtesco Service is even used here.

Mini Crawler Crane

Crawler Crane


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<Major Use> Travel motors for shovels


- Built-in shockless relief valve

- Built-in parking brake

- Effective use of engine power with 2-speed motors of high/low

- Compact size and high performance design

- Wide range of applications for construction machines


<Major Use> Travel motors for crawler cranes


- Planetary 3-speed gear ratio

- Applicable with series circuits

- High load carrying capacity


<Major Use> High-speed travel motors for HST


- Applicable to HST

- 2-speed motor of high speed and pressure

- Built-in flushing valve

- Longer operating life


<Major Use> Winch motors for cranes and hoists


- Stable operation from low speed to high speed

- Drum-in-disc

- Longer operating life


<Major Use> Crane's rotating movements and others


- Axial rotating motors

- Compact

- Great output torque

Multiple Control Valves for Shovels

<Major Use> Mini shovels


- Valves intended for mini-shovels with improved qualities of energy and resources savings, and security

- Installed with normal circuit paths equipped with various features required for valves for mini-shovels

- Greater flexibility in installing machines due to its compactness in length, height and width.

Multiple Directional Control Valves

<Major Use>

Cargo cranes, machine drills, snow-plow vehicles, aerial platform apparatuses, agricultural machines, and all kinds of specially-equipped vehicles


- Space-saving due to its compact size

- Multiple structure enabling from 1 to 10 connections

- Parallel/ tandem circuits are possible

Horizon Control Functionalized Control Valve SLV75

<Major Use> Loaders including skid-steer loaders


- Unified of control valves for operating arms and buckets with horizon control valves.

- Synchronizing arms and bucket by a lever handling to maintain horizontal position.